Monday, April 29, 2013

Garden Days - starting to grow

Here is the “salad” bed. Cucumbers are at the back so they can run up the trellis, carrots in the middle and 4 types of lettuce in the front.

This bed has golden bantam corn in the back, two bhut jolkia (ghost) peppers and a bell pepper. The peppers will get a cage once they get bigger.
This bed is very similar with chubby checker corn, two chocolate habaneros and a bell pepper. Corn is something new in my garden, but I thought it would be worth a shot to try. If I only get one ear of corn I’ll be happy.

Here we have a 4th of July tomato with Eureka beans in the front. The tomato is a new hybrid from Burpee so we’ll see how it does.

Again, this bed is very similar with an old faithful Husky cherry tomato and more Eureka beans. The tomatoes got new cages this year. They usually get so big, the cages needed to be bigger to support them.

Here is the last bed which has Sugar Snap peas in the back will a small trellis to support them, Yukon Gold potatoes in the middle and two bell peppers in the front.

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