Sunday, April 28, 2013

Garden days – getting started

The cold weather is behind us and that means one thing… time to start the garden. With raised beds, I have a little routine that I’ve developed over the years and it seems to work pretty well. My beds were made with 2x10’s and originally filled with a 50/50 mixture of compost and topsoil. Every year I add more compost as well as leaves in the fall. This adds more organic matter and nutrients, free of charge.

In late Feb or early March I take the shovel and turn all the soil in the beds. I usually throw in a handful of my homemade fertilizer mixture at the same time so that the soil can wake up and get a jump start. By doing this, the beds are ready to go when it’s time to plant.

Safe planting date for this area is usually Apr 15th and I try to push it earlier by a week or so every year. Some years I have to contend with frost and some I don’t, it’s a gamble but spring fever gets the better of me. This year I had to add an extra bed since I wanted to try a few more things. As usual, peppers and tomatoes were started from transplants, everything else was seed.

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