Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chemical use - pesticides

Believe it or not, pesticides are usually unnecessary in your landscape. Nature has a way of correcting itself and balancing things out. Not all bugs are bad or cause damage; some “good” bugs actually help your landscape and protect it from other “bad” bugs. Pesticides are usually indiscriminate and kill both good and bad insects. By encouraging beneficial insects, you can actually help control the pests without any chemical intervention and let Mother Nature work things out.

Beneficial insects provide a service to your landscape by going after the real pests.

  • Ladybugs do an incredible job of keeping aphids in check
  • Praying mantis help control beetles, caterpillars and moths although they will eat just about anything they can catch
  • Parasitic wasps can help control horn worms keeping your tomatoes safe
  • Hand picking is another tried and true method of insect removal
  • A hard blast from the water hose or a spritz of soapy water can take care of just about any other pest problem that might show up.

If you haven’t noticed a pattern here, there is a natural method alternative for every chemical control. Having a yard full of bugs can actually be a good thing.

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Shady Gardener said...

NICE post! Love the photos, too. We hope to look forward to a Super Spring before long, don't we?